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Download - Demo

If you would like a demonstration of Fastbase you can go about this several ways, either:

  • Contact us directly and we will arrange a demonstration of the system on your premises (or on our own premises if preferred).
  • Contact us to arrange a demonstration from an existing company using FastBase.
  • Get an idea of what Fastbase looks like, view some screenshots.
  • download the necessary files and try the demonstration version of Fastbase (see below).

Download a Demo

If you follow the procedure below you will be installing some software then running a copy of Fastbase locally on a database hosted here, at FastBase Business Software Limited.

  1. Download and install ActiveTcl from our webserver.

  2. Download the following file then unzip it to "C:\", this saves one file in your C:\ drive and creates a new folder C:\fbase. http://www.fastbase.co.nz/fastbase.zip

  3. Create a short-cut to the file C:\fbase\new\fbclient.tcl then open it. This should connect you to the Fastbase test database. The demonstration is running over the Internet and so performance will be greatly reduced compared to what you would achieve when Fastbase is running on your own in-house computers. The first time you start the demo there will be a delay while the application is downloaded.

  4. When prompted for a user ID and password enter "TEST" and "TEST".
    Not much has been entered into the demo database, feel free to look around and enter your own test data, including suppliers, customers and stock items.

Please contact us directly if you experience problems downloading and/or running this application.

Download Android app

Follow the following instructions to download our experimental Android app.

  1. First allow your Android phone to install apps from unknown sources via Settings - Menu - Special Access - Install unknown apps (or via Settings - Security - Unknown sources, or Settings - Apps - menu)

  2. Using your Android phone download this android package file

  3. To complete installation select Yes/Ok as necessary

Get in touch with us if you have any questions about this Android app, it is still experimental at this stage.

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